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Palm Varieties

Palm Varieties in Victoria Australia

Palm trees are very popular for more than just growing coconuts. Palm trees come in a wide range of sizes, thrive in tropical climates, are resistant to harsh weather conditions, and produce various types of foods and oil.

Not all palms grow into tree size, some are small shrubs and some types create vines. With a wide range of growth habits and food production, there is a palm tree just right for your home or landscape.

Canary Date Palms

This beautiful palm is native to the Canary Island and can be grown outdoors in tropical climates and indoors anywhere.

This is a slow-growing palm that will take 15 years to reach 10 feet in height. The Canary Date Palm will reach a mature height of 65 feet but it will take many years to reach that height. 

The tree has shiny, feathery fronds, arching branches, and very sharp spines at the base of the fronds. The tree will bear small white or gray blossoms followed by ornamental date-like fruits in the summer.

Provide the Canary Date Palm with lots of water, potassium, and magnesium for optimum growth. Aside from these essential needs, this palm is easy to grow and has few natural pests or disease issues.

Chinese Windmill

A native to China, this palm is a cold-hardy species that will not thrive in a tropical climate. This is a slow-growing palm that will reach a mature height of 50 feet in a century.

Chinese Windmill palms need to be planted in full sun, watered on a regular scheduled but not over-watered and fed yearly with palm fertiliser.

European Fan Palm

Beautiful shrub-size palm with fan-like leaves that will tolerate cold weather and heavy frost. The European Fan Palm grows in multiple clumps which makes it ideal for use as a border or living privacy hedge.

This palm is slow-growing, has bluish-green leaves, produces yellow flowers and fruit that turn brown when ripe.

Dwarf Sugar Palm

This slow-growing palm has fronds shaped like fish tails with dark green leaves. The tree produces fragrant yellow flowers and will reach a mature height of 10 feet. Ideal size for growing indoors in a large container.

Dwarf Sugar Palm grows best in partial shade and will tolerate cold weather and light frost.

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