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My name is Con and here at Palm Tree Sales we simply provide the best Canary Date Palms in all of Melbourne. We take pride in selling the highest quality palms direct to the public, at insanely affordable prices.

Building great relationships with our clients is our #1 priority, not just ‘making a sale’. You are ALWAYS welcome to visit the palm nursery Melbourne landscapers and developers trust, where we house the best species of Canary Date Palms that are completely adjusted to the Melbourne climate. We have the expertise, knowledge and plant stock to make your landscaping dream a reality.

Palm Tree Sales eliminates the guesswork out of choosing and buying palm trees for your landscape. Free yourself from the troubles of finding quality palms and allow us to do the job for you.

Let us make your landscaping project a success. We provide transport and delivery using our state-of-the-art equipment. Visit our palm farm located in Pearcedale, so you can choose the best palm tree for your property.

As a Victorian based Date Palm Grower we grow the tallest, richest and most beautiful date palms in Australia and we sell them at the best wholesale pricing you can find. We work with developers, nurseries and councils but can accommodate the general public if necessary. Palm trees are perfect for:

-Backyard Beauty to create that perfect holiday feeling with a touch of the tropics in your backyard.
-Developers looking for that “WOW” factor in an exotic lifestyle creation.
-Councils and Shires with a community project or wanting to create a very unique roadside attraction.

We are based in Langwarrin which is a Melbourne south eastern suburb. We have hundreds of trees in all different sizes and heights. There is no order too small or too large for us. And as always, we extend our ‘no dead tree guarantee’ so you you can’t go wrong!

So pick up the phone and call me today on 0477 100 107. We’ll give you a FREE, no obligation consult and show you exactly what we can do for you. Call me today!

There Are Lots of Satisfied clients who purchased canary date palms from our AWESOME team!

What's included in our
Canary Date Palm Sale?

Developed Seeds

Our Canary Island Date Palms are treated well so they are healthy and vibrant in colour. They are fast growing due to our hard work refining our seeds to only the best palm trees. Its taken years of hard work but we can safely say we have the best Canary Date palm trees in Australia.

Climatized Palms

All our Canary Island Date Palm Trees have been climatized to Melbournes harsh weather so you know it will not drop dead like others 12 months later. Some experts tell us our Canary Island Date Palms could be the strongest in the world.

Dig & Deliver

We don't just sell the canary date palm trees like other competitors. We dig and deliver them too. We are a complete service for our clients. We like to make it easy and stress free to get your dream tree.

Prices Chopped

Our pricing is second to none. The quality and quantity of palm trees we have is beyond all competition. Being Victorias biggest palm tree supplier you can be sure your getting the best deal.

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