About Palm Tree Sales

Living and loving the job we do.

Founded in 1967. as a small family business

Middlebury based gardening company

Palm Tree sales is a victorian based Date Palm Grower. We silly grow the best date palms in Australia at the best wholesale pricing you can find. We cater for developers, nurseries and councils but can accommodate the general public if necessary.

We are based in Pearcedale which is a Melbourne south eastern suburb. We have hundreds of trees in all different sizes and heights. Why not give us a call to discuss a purchase.

With one vision in mind... To create a green paradise.


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We grew to a point where we hire 10+ professional gardeners, designers and maintenance crew.


Mario Forbes


Anna Forbes


John Flerr

chief designer

What Defines us

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Team Of Professionals

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Fast & Reliable Service

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Years In Business

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Flora & Fauna Experts

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Eco Friendly Co.

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We cover the whole Vermont area

  • Addison County
  • Bennington County​
  • Caledonia County​
  • Chittenden County
  • Essex County​
  • Franklin County​
  • Grand Isle County​
  • Lamoille County​
  • Orange County​
  • Orleans County​
  • Rutland County​
  • Washington County​
  • Windham County​
  • Windsor County
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